November 9, 2017
The Launch of The Emerson's Foundation in Armagh at Uluru Bar & Grill

Foundation announces Pink Box Appeal at official launch at Uluru Bar & Grill

CHARITIES, community groups, schools, sports clubs and fundraisers have attended the launch of a new foundation which aims to help people in Armagh ‘Transform Local Communities.
Sports journalist and broadcaster Denise Watson was in Uluru Bar & Grill to officially launch The Emerson’s Foundation.
The foundation, set up by Emerson’s Supermarket, Uluru Bar & Grill and The Wine Store, was created as a way for Emerson’s Supermarket to put something back into the community.
The aim of the foundation is to help charitable organisations, community groups, sports groups and schools with their fundraising activities.
Speaking at the launch on Thursday, Denise Watson said: “There are many ways in which The Emerson’s Foundation can help. Organisations can contact the foundation ambassadors about hosting fundraising activities such as fashion shows, coffee mornings can be held, bag packs can be carried out in the supermarket, door collections can be held and nominations can be made for Pink Box Collections.
Debise Watson at the launch of The Emerson's Foundation in Armagh
“Charities or organisations can nominate to have their name on the pink boxes which will be placed at all till points for public donations. This means all collections during that quarter will be allocated specifically for the chosen organisation.”
During the launch, the foundation kicked off its first round of fundraising by announcing Trailblazers – Guide Dogs for the Blind, Armagh, to be the first recipient of the Pink Box Collection.
Guests attending also filled out Foundation Nomination Postcards giving the guests the opportunity to name a charity close to their hearts which they would like to nominate.
Gavin Emerson, creator of the Foundation, said: “Although this is the official launch, the foundation has already been involved with charities and organisations over the last number of months.
“Examples of how we have helped includes donations to Air Ambulance for Northern Ireland in memory of Lesley-Ann McCarragher, Action Cancer, Run Armagh, Rural Support, the Caledon Regeneration Partnership, Cash for Kids and so on.
The launch of the Emerson's Foundation in Armagh
“This has been made possible through the NISA Making A Difference Locally Fund and events which have been held in-store or in Uluru Bar & Grill.
“This launch is about encouraging groups, schools, charities and sports groups to connect with us so we can help ‘Transform Local Communities’ and ‘Make A Difference Locally’.
“Thank you to everyone who attended. Our ambassadors look forward to engaging with you.” Anyone wishing to contact the foundation can complete an form on